Thursday, November 8, 2007


One day this week I had a very stressful afternoon. Jon is building a storage shed for the back yard and has built the platform already. Anyways, one afternoon I decided to climb underneath it. (Many of you who know me well are aware that I love getting under small spaces-my ottoman is my absolute favorite place to sleep!) So I climbed under it and it was a lot skinnier of a space than my ottoman and a whole lot heavier. I couldn't get out! Emma couldn't lift the platform and so I had to wait for Jon to get home to save me from that tiny space. I promise I won't get under there again!

This story makes me think about the poor baby and how hard of a time he's going to have in the next few days. Yikes! Every time Emma leaves I wonder what she'll come back with. The whole family is getting really anxious. Emma has been taking me on lots of walks (which I love!) and bouncing on the exercise ball. Cole loves it when Emma bounces on the exercise ball and wants to do the same. That's what he's doing in the picture with his daddy! Any other helpful hints to get the baby to come soon are encouraged, Emma tells me. She's at 3 cm now, whatever that means. Hopefully my next blog will bring some exciting news of a baby!


Julesmcg said...

Hurry out baby! We can't wait to meet you. Try the pressure points, Emma. That is what worked with CJ!

Mandy said...

It won't be long now! Keep hanging in there! What a great picture of Jon and Colton! I'm sure he's loving the exercise ball. ;)

4torock said...

We are prayin for all of you (More u Emma though!! lol!) Love you guys and can't wait to hear the big news!!!! xxoo
Kate and gang

Band of Keigley Rambles On said...

Hey great poll Jenga. I loved it. I Can't wait to meet the new baby. Im sure emma will read this to you.