Monday, April 21, 2008

outback in the sandbox

Look! We finally have a decent photo of the Joersz family! I know the boys aren't looking at the camera, but they still look pretty cute. We've had a really good weekend. Mama & Papa Joersz came to visit and the boys loved spending time with them.
The sandbox that Jon and Papa Al made is a huge hit- with Colton and Beckett. I really like the sandbox too, but don't think I'm allowed in it! We spent most of our time outside playing in the sandbox and going to the park. Thanks for coming to visit us Mama & Papa!

Beckett has started doing a lot of new things lately...
-He's sitting up really well now
-He has TWO teeth
-He is grabbing for things and loves to play with his toes
-He laughs a lot (especially me!)
-The latest new thing is a loud shriek just to be heard
-He's going through a growth spurt the last couple days
(Growth spurt= waking up at 2am, but taking good naps during the day!)


Lacey said...

Oh - I love the sandbox!! Does it have a lid?? They will have TONS of fun in there - and maybe you can read a book or play on your new computer!! Hooray for handy husbands and grandpas!

Summer said...

i LOVE beckett's hair... lucy had a kind of receding hairline mullet for a few months and it was awful. hope you're all doing well!

4torock said...

Love the pics!! Sanbox party your house, right!!? lol See ya soon - next Mon if weather's nice meet us up at the park 11am :)

Kristie said...

Can we come over to play in the sand? :)