Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day!

Top Ten Reasons why our daddy is the BEST daddy!
1). He gives the best hugs!
2). He knows how to pick out the best toys. (even for jenga too)
3). He works really hard and well at everything he does.
4). He's so much fun to play with. (we especially like to climb on him)
5). He calls us a lot each day while he's at work just to say hi.
6). He knows how to fix everything.
7). He comes home every evening after work and we play. This is our favorite time of the day for everyone in the fam!
8). He's a godly man and is teaching us about Jesus.
9). We love his tickles. He makes us laugh!
10). He reads the best bedtime stories, sings the best bedtime songs and says the best bedtime prayers.

We love you, daddy- YOU'RE THE BEST!

Colton & Beckett


Daddy said...

You guys make me proud to be a father. The unconditional love, the smiles, the hugs, the kisses. I always wanted to be a daddy growing up, but i had NO clue what it would be like. It brings tears to my eyes as i think about you falling down and bumping your head, yet i love being there to console you and kiss the toe you bumped. Watching you grow up has been a amazing. One day you are laying there in the hospital, the next you are running around dancing to music and singing "Jesus Loves Me". I can't wait for the next 20 years, how much fun is this gonna be. :)


About Me said...

my daddys better then your daddy beckett.


ps i cant wait to meet our cousin. your so lucky you already met her.