Monday, September 29, 2008

A yippee little dog tried to attack me today. It was sort of annoying. I thought I'd blog about it and then realized I haven't written in almost 2 weeks. Apparently I've been BUSY. We've all been busy I guess.

Cole has been busy working on potty training. He's totally in cute boy underwear all day except for at night. He's doing so good and loves his underwear.

Beckett has been busy trying to walk. He's been taking a few steps at a time for the last few weeks. This week he's taken more steps and thinks it's a lot of fun.

Emma's been busy cutting paper. Oma & soon to be Aunt Sarah came this weekend and they put wedding invitations together.

Jon's been busy writing comments on Lacey's blog.

I'll try to make sure we stay less busy this week and write more blogs.


Sarah A. said...

Your boys get cuter and cuter every time I see them! I had a lot of fun with you this weekend :) Hows the nose?

Maggie Michael said...

Hey Jenga, I had so much fun playing with you and the boys yesterday and today! Tell everyone that I hope they feel better!

Lacey said...

oh emma....maybe you are sick because of your nose. Hmmmmm. Just Kidding. Really, I am. Your nose piercing is hip. And young. And cool.

Jonathan said...

Jenga, I think Lacey is just jealous of the nose piercing. She needs to get one. :) Then she could be hip and young. haha.

Sarah Gouger said...

Emma - you got a noise ring? That's cool! I want to see pictures :)

Lacey said...

Oh Emma.... maybe I would return your phone calls if you ever commented on my blog.

Do you even like me anymore?

Just kidding.

I had class all day today - I was the K5 assistant - oh my. 12 kindergarteners is a lot in one room.

Austin said...

dang that boy just gets cooler ein every new picture i see of him!

bandofkeigley said...

Dear Beck,
You can so play with me and my new game. That will be fun. Riley is fun to play it but not as fun as another kid my age!! I cant wait to see you soon either.
p.s. lets keep up our moms and dads all night!!!

Austin said...

One more thing... didnt somebody else visit that weekend? I cant think up a name at the moment, but i know he was well toned, ruggedly handsome, drove a cool car, and was pretty much Cole's favorite person besides Jon when he was there. (And your's Jenga). Who could it be???

Oma said...

maybe that guy wasn't there long enough for us to get a good look at him...he certainly did not contribute to the invitations in any way ;)