Monday, November 17, 2008

Our little ONE YEAR OLD

Can you believe it? Beckett is ONE YEAR OLD! We had a party for him on Saturday. His 2 favorite things at the party were having the slide tower inside and his CUPCAKE. He's never climbed on the slide before and he absolutely loved it. After being shown a few times how to climb up, he can climb up and even slide down on his own now. (We'll post a video later maybe to show the pro in action!)
We watched the festivities from the backyard -like always- but got a great view of all the babies sitting in a row eating food. There were 5 babies around Beckett's age and it was fun to watch them together. The balloons were a big hit. As you can see in the picture on the left, we doggies got into playing with the balloons as well. That is, until Jenga popped one. That sort of freaked us out.

Things are getting back to normal here. Ima & Papa Al went home to Texas yesterday. We had a great visit with them....despite sick boys. Beckett was sick all last week and Cole is now sick. Emma and the boys stayed in PJs most of today. Beckett has been cuddling with us so much lately. He just crawls up and lays on us. It's very sweet. We love our little ONE YEAR OLD!


Maggie Michael said...

That birthday party sounds like FUN! I hope all you guys feel better!
Love Maggie

Addie and Jenga, Hi and hopes she can play with you guys and lo! That would be such fun! I am on strick orders not to play for a week! I had a procedure done :(

sarah said...

Happy Birthday Beckett!
Looks like a fun party. Get well soon!
Sarah Gouger

4torock said...

Happy Bday Beck!!! Everyone get better and maybe we can hang at Monkey Joes some time soon!! :)

Lacey said...

Oh My - Beck, you look so big! We made you cards and drew pictures for you, but guesss what?? They are still sitting here at our house. Ooops.

We can't wait to see you soo soon. Get better mister!

- The Keiglets

riley said...

oooohhhhh.... he is so cute!!!! i can't wait to see him and cole. love you beck

sarah a. said...

happy birthday, beck! you're growing up so fast! can't wait to see you in a few days!!


Oma said...

beck has his own doggie pillow...good times

Oma said...

beck looks just like cole in that picture with his cake! i would have loved to see jenga and addie when the balloon popped ;)