Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a note from addie

We had a very nice and relaxing Easter weekend.  We did a lot of yard work (Okay, Jon did most of it- we just dug a little!)  and had a good time together.  Our family went over to our friends Jenny & Ben's house for Easter dinner with their family and left us at home to chew raw hides.  

The boys and Maddie had a fun egg hunt and played together really well.  It was my idea to put the boys in the matching shirts that Ima sent- aren't they so cute?  I know it's been a long time since we've taken our time to update the blog- I hope that everyone will still read it!  

Jenga and I are doing well.  We had a little incident last month in which we thought Jenga might have eaten a sock, but we are in the clear and she's fine now.  I've been a little naughty lately and chewed up part of Jon's shoe.  Apparently I'm not supposed to do that- or eat poop- Emma says that's GROSS.  

They boys are doing GREAT.  Beckett is starting to use more words every day now.  Yesterday he told Emma to "stop."  Colton helps out a lot around the house and lately likes to tell Beckett what to do.  It's funny sometimes.  Today he told Beckett (in a very serious voice) "Beckett, you need to listen to mommy."  He also LOVES singing lately and will randomly burst out in song at any given moment.  

Well, I just wanted to share a little of what's going on in my house.  Enjoy your day!


This is me ...... said...

I love the photo of Cole and Maddie. So cute!

Oma said...

i am happy that you had a beautiful Easter...the boys do look so cute in their matching shirts..