Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lazy pups!

Remember us? Two lovable doggies that live in North Carolina? We love our family and normally we share lots of fun stories about them. You might be wondering where we've been and many people have been commenting on our laziness towards our blog. Sorry!

Here's our EXCUSE: Our family has been going here and there all summer. We enjoyed a long stay up at our favorite place, the farm in Virginia. We've been back for a couple weeks, but have so many stories to share, we don't even know where to start.

So we'll start with today...and then we'll backtrack and tell you of our adventures of the past two months!

Today, we have a story about our dear Colton. He's such a sweet kid. But as some of you may know, he has not had the desire to place poo poo in the potty. He's been great at going pee and pulling his shorts back up, but every time he needs to go poo, he goes and gets a pull up, goes and then sometimes even cleans himself up. Yesterday, Emma told him that there were no more pull ups. And today, he decided to go poo poo in the potty! I know some of you may not be as excited and jumping out of your seats like Jon and Emma are...but we just wanted to share with you the big news at the Joersz house today!

More to come soon about multiple trips to the farm, the beach, the boys staying with both sets of grandparents, doggy treats, chasing chickens, painting, Emma's trip to Africa, fun at the pool & bunk beds!


Maggie Michael said...

Way to go Cole!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! Go COLE!!!

Sabasue said...

I already heard the good news through Oma. The famous traveling story of pooping in the pot really is true!!! :) Amazing how excitinhg news travels fast.

Lacey said...

Well, well, well. I have been wondering what those dogs were up to.

Erik & Sarah said...

How exciting! That is definitely something to blog about! yay for cole!

Mandy said...

YAY Cole!!!