Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meet my Family!

Well here's my first blog entry. This is my family. I used to be the baby of the house and then this little guy Colton came along. This picture was taken in December. Cole, as I like to call him, is 17 months old now! I'm not quite sure, but something strange is going on and I think there might be another baby coming along soon. I've been trying to protect the house a little better to prepare for this. (i.e. Barking during naptime at anything that passes by our house) My mom and dad seem pretty excited about the new little one coming along. They keep talking about boy names and cribs and strollers. That's all I hear about these days!


myjcrew said...

i am so excited that you sent me your blog site!!! that way we can keep in touch. i say jon 2 weeks ago, and i had no idea you are pregnant -- congratulations (way late!) and he said you are having a boy!! Yeah!

Hope you are doing well!! Check out my blog when you have a chance. I will add you to my blog list.


angie said...

when baby gets here you must have another photo like this made and give me a copy. what a beautiful family!