Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a pretty fun day

This last Saturday was one of Cole's best days. (That's what Jon and Emma have told me- they were out most of the day and left me at home- boo!) The day started with Emma and her mom taking Colton to the Farmer's Market in Waxhaw. They left early to beat the heat and walked around Waxhaw, got some fresh produce and flowers and then came home. Cole really liked walking around and seeing lots of people, especially the bread lady with the big floppy hat. Soon after they got home, they left again. They visited Lowe's to get some paint for Cole's big boy room and then headed to Babies R Us. They wanted to look at strollers and then leave, but ended up spending over an hour just looking around at clothes and toys. Cole had a blast playing with everything. All afternoon, he was so pleasant and loving that Jon and Emma came downstairs after they put him to bed and told me how much they loved him! There was nothing special or different really about today, but I guess there are days that you think about how blessed you are and are thankful!

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Cassie said...

This is a special one. Excellent use of b&w!