Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Texas Top TEN:

1). Spending fun time with family
2). Whist Olympics
3). Cole's Boatrides
4). Bonding time during TWO rounds of golf with the guys
5). Cole's sweet prayers...."Dear Jesus, I dub (love) you, AMEN."
6). Fun in the pool
7). GRAPES....need i say "more"?
8). Watching Beckett crawl through the caterpillar and cars tent!
9). Jess & Emma's tubing tumbling
10). Beckett & Banter---just two babies having fun!

I sure had a lot of fun at the farm while the rest of my family ditched me and flew to Texas. But OH!, I'm so glad that we are all home now! I missed Beckett's fingers pulling my hair. I missed Colton chasing me with push toys. I am catching up on my sleep and leftover crumbs beneath the table. Here's a few more pics from this past week:

Ima & Papa

G.G. & Grandpa Anderson

Jess & Emma try cheese flavored larvets-yum!

Fun in the driveway! They both LOVED this time.


4torock said...

I miss the J fam!!!! Call me sometime we start school officially next week but once we get good on a schedule we can hang :) See ya

Mandy said...

Great pictures! So...what's a larvet???