Monday, December 29, 2008

I like fetch!

This is me and my new *PINK* tennis ball.  Jenga and I absolutely love these.  They came in a set of three and I cannot manage to set any of them down for a long period of time. They're so pretty!
We had a wonderful Christmas.  It was very relaxing and me and my family spent good family time together.  Jenga and I are officially playing rough again and loving it.  
This was the scene at our house this morning.  Beckett has been wanting a little more freedom with his "silverware" and Emma accidentally left the yogurt within his reach.  It actually got a little worse a couple seconds later and baths were needed.

Look at my cute boys!
Yes, this is Beckett chewing on my dog bowl. Look how much fun he's having though.  The boys love playing with us so much.  Their favorite activity lately is playing CHASE all around the house.  We get in on the action and it can get pretty loud!

Well it's about time to put those sweet boys to bed.  Thanks for reading!  Goodnight!


Mandy said...

Great pictures, doggies! :) We miss all of you guys! Hopefully the pink plague will leave us shortly....

Love the new blog title. ;)

Lacey said...

I like the pink tennis ball - you guys need some pink at your house. I think Mosely could fix that!

bandofkeigley said...

haha lovin the pics

Iz World said...

Buddy loves his tennis balls too, although he plays with manly ones.. he goes through about 5 packs a month.. hehe.. Cute pics! Beckett is changing so much!

riley said...

see i did one im just under bandofkeigley