Monday, March 9, 2009

3 years old...

Today is Colton's 3rd Birthday!  We can't believe it's been 3 years since our lives have changed by having this special boy in our lives.  Cole is such a sweet kid and we keep seeing his kind personality more and more as he grows.  He loves his little brother and takes good care of him.  He's normally the 1st one to go in and say good morning to Beckett.  "Hold on Beckett," he says,  "Mommy will be here in a minute."  At the party store the other day, the lady gave Cole a balloon to take home, and right away he wanted to be sure that Beckett got one as well.

One of Colton's favorite new activities is PLAYDOUGH!  So at his birthday party on Saturday, the kids played with playdough and made bug hats. (it was a bug theme- complete with buggy type foods and a dirt cake with worms!)  

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE!  We love you SO much.  We can't believe how fast you are growing- and are trying to cherish every minute of it.  

Mommy & Daddy

P.S. We needed to include this adorable pic of Addie.  Yes, she's lounging on Cole's sofa chair.  So cute!  


Maggie Michael said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!! I remember waiting around for you to enter this world and Morgann calling your mom while she was in labor with you! Oh Silly Morgann!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Colton!

Uncle Erik & Aunt Sarah

Kristie said...

Cute! Happy Birthday Cole! Em - can you send me a few pictures for my blog? I forgot my camera on Saturday.