Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my first trip to the farm

We are here! We are here! We are here!  

That's from Horton Hears a Who. The boys love the movie and Uncle Stin just gave them the book this last weekend.  They love it!  Anyways, We are here.  (HOME!)   Oma came down last week to pick us up and take us back up to the farm with her.  

It was my (Addie) first trip to the farm and I LOVED it!  It is so open and I had so much fun running around free!  Jenga had told me about Buddy, but I didn't realize that he would be so much fun.  We're good friends now.  My favorite part was Jenga introducing me to the pond.  We didn't get in all the way, (it was COLD up there!!!) but we got in far enough to get our legs all dirty and wet.  Thanks Uncle Stin for washing us off- you're the best!  

The boys had a great time playing at the farm and got to see their cousin Izzy and (2nd cousin?) Morgann.  Emma was busy most of the time working on Sarah & Brian's wedding invitations.  Everyone got together on Friday & Saturday to work on them and had a fun time.  Isabelle turned 8 months old while we were there.  Emma took some pics- Check them out, she's a cutie!  The boys were definitely tired by the end of the week and we are all glad to be home.  


Maggie Michael said...

I wish I had met you guys, but I was puking! :( poor me... Maybe in JUNE! LOVE GRAY

sabasue said...

Thanks for working on the invitations. we appreciate it tons and tons. Izzy looks almost the same size as your boys, that is crazy. They are all growing up way too fast.

Iz World said...

That pic of the kids is super cute!

Mandy said...

Yes, it does chant that three times in the movie, but in the book, they say, "We are here!" FOUR times! A bit of useless trivia. That's what I'm here for.

Love the pics!!! ;)

disa said...