Sunday, February 8, 2009

Omas & Papas

It's been a week since the omas & papas were here and we miss them so much!  Oma Carol came first and stayed for the whole week.  The boys had so much fun playing with her.  They went to Monkey Joe's with their friends Kristie and Norah and had a blast.  Then last weekend, Papa Al came into town as well as Oma & Papa Wick- a house full of grandparents doesn't happen very often! 
Our Aunts Maizey & Molly came to play with us outside while the grandparents enjoyed playing with those cute Joersz boys inside.  It seems like we are always sent outdoors when our house is full of people.  Not very fair if you ask us!

Thanks for coming to see us- we love you guys very much!  

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Lacey said...

What cute pictures of the grandparents!!! - how fun!!! Cole looks so grown in his photos. I miss him!