Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Beckett started really smiling at people & things on Christmas Eve. His favorite time to be happy and smile is right after eating (who isn't happy after eating? I sure am- especially after Cole gives me treats!) and when Jon gets home from work. The last 2 days he has just loved hearing Jon's voice right after he gets home. Now all 4 of us are anxiously awaiting his arrival by the door! The last 2 days have been really nice weather and we've been able to go on walks...I think Emma said that we might go on one after Colton & Beckett get up from their naps!


Mandy said...

Oh, my goodness! What a sweet little smile! :)

4torock said...

the cutest smile everrrrr!!! I miss you guys- lets get together soon! :) Love ya

Oma said...

how lucky jon is to have his four favorite 'people' greeting him after a long day of work ;)