Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well I am just getting over an ear infection and am finally able to catch up on my blog. Hot spots, surgery, ear infections...I think I'm done for now. Well this weekend my family was very busy. They went to Cameron's birthday party across the street. He's TWO just like Cole! They had a lot of fun. The boys especially loved the balloons. Friday we had Maddie and Jenny over to play. They played out back with toys and in the sandbox. I really like the new sandbox. I know I dug in it last week, but I really just want to sit in it now, and Emma won't let me. Cole even asked me to come get in it. It's just nice and cool to lay on. Oh well...I guess the grass will do- it just makes me itchy.

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Mandy said...

Colton and Beckett,
I am glad you guys came to my party. You are my favorite buddies! :)Those balloons WERE great, weren't they? They certainly taste good, too. Not that I would know. ;)