Thursday, May 1, 2008

yes! i'm funny!

That's right, I am funny! Somebody thinks I'm the most hilarious dog out there. That somebody is Beckett. He does laugh occasionally for Jon and Emma, quite a bit for Cole, but most of the time, his laughs are reserved just for me! I don't even really have to do anything. I could lick my rear end and he'll giggle. Haha. That's just funny that i wrote "lick my rear end." Yesterday Jon was holding Beckett and chasing me around the back yard and Beckett laughed more than he ever has before. It's nice to be appreciated by someone. Emma didn't really appreciate it when I dug in the sandbox this morning. Just trying to help--I can dig further than Cole can! Those boys and I are going to be best buds!

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Brent & Abigail said...

what a cute picture!