Saturday, May 24, 2008

Joersz TOP 5

5). Beckett is sooo close to crawling. I know I keep saying that, but this weekend he's been moving one knee and then falling back on his tummy. He's very determined...especially if it means coming to grab my hair!
4). Jon is home for a 4 day weekend! We're getting to spend good family time. (I especially like the walks and going to the park like we did this evening)
3). Emma and Beckett have been sick the last couple days but are finally starting to feel better. Hopefully tonight they'll get some better sleep!
2). Cole's favorite word lately is Okay. "Cole, be nice to Jenga." "Otay." "Cole, it's time for bed." "Otay." "Not right now, maybe we'll watch a movie tomorrow." "Otay."
It's really cute and he says it very seriously.
and the #1 thing in the Joersz TOP 5 is....
1). I don't know how many of you read the comments on my blog, but anonymous...aka Jon commented to Erik that there should be an Aunt Sarah soon....and yesterday, HE PROPOSED! We're so excited to welcome Sarah into our family. She's funny and just perfect for Erik. We like her a lot. Congratulation, guys!


Oma said...

beck looks really tough in this picture! new teeth, learning to crawl, cool sunglasses...awesome!

and, shut the front door!! sarah and erik are getting married ;D

love you guys

Sarah said...

I reckon they are! Who woulda thunk?!

I'm really excited to be marrying into this family... well and marrying Erik too!! I love you guys!

Colton said...

Otay mommy!!

Maggie Michael said...


Mandy said...

Colton has a blogger account, huh? Should Cam and Katy get on the bandwagon??? And congrats to Erik and Sarah on the great news!!

Anonymous said...

We need another update, come on Jenga. Whats going on there in Charlotte?

sabasue said...

Jenga, I just started reading your blog and I liked yours so much that i started my own. The munchkins are as cute as ever! love the pics.