Saturday, May 31, 2008

woof! it's almost june!

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Anonymous said...

Wow jenga, you are amazing with the computer. Who taught you how to do that? I already thought you were amazing taking such great pictures, but my goodness, what talent. You should have your own TV show or something.

The boys are as cute as ever!!!

sabasue said...

I think I might actually start looking for temporary jobs in Charlotte. I have some friends moving there, and it seems like a good place to be for awhile, until I decide where I want to go to grad school and what I want to go for. I let you know about coming down for a visit.

Lacey said...

Dear Beckett,
I guess Mom thinks she is too busy to help me reach the keyboard. I really miss you. I like teething biscuits now - but I don't like their name. They taste so good. What should we call them instead?
Piper Finnian

Oma said...

hey jenga, i am at luke and jessica's computer...i loved your slide show of the boys!! when are you going to come and visit the farm?

Jenga said...


Emma keeps saying we will come and visit the farm when Jon stops working so much. He seems to come home later and later and leaves earlier and earlier these days. Seems to have a busy month or something. I might just have to talk E into coming up there without him. Who knows. Hopefully see you soon.