Friday, February 15, 2008

fun words

I know I wrote about our trip to the farm a couple weeks ago, but Emma has just now downloaded some very cute pictures from the trip and said they needed to be included in this next blog post. Above we have Beckett and Piper- what a cute pair of babies, I must say! And below we have Uncle Luke and Aunt Jess with Beckett.

This week, Colton has been saying a lot of things in a more understandable way. Here's a few favorites...
-"It's A Bucko" translation: It's okay, Beckett
-"To-wee" translation: sorry (used a lot the last couple days!)
-"Ja Mommy" translation: Yes mommy
-"Heme Bop" translation: Hammer-Bob (from his favorite show, Bob the Builder)
-"too!" translation: when he wants to do or have the same thing we have.
-"I duv eww, mama" translation: I love you, mama (Emma's personal favorite!)
-"Happy Dada, Happy Mama, Happy Baby"
So, those are just a few...they're pretty cute to hear. Hope you all have a good day!


Kristie said...

It's a Bucko...SOOOO CUTE! Can't wait to hear him saying that in person!! :) Cute pictures, Emma, as usual!

Mandy said...

How precious! I still think it is SO SO funny that he calls Beckett "Bucko". Heh heh... ;)