Friday, February 8, 2008

I NEED a bath!

You may think that this post is about Beckett really liking his baths, but there's more to this picture than you may think. Beckett does absolutely love taking baths. He is so content to just sit there and let Jon and Emma pour water on him and wash his hair and get all clean. But today, a bath was very much needed. Let's just say the whole back of his onsie all the way up to the neck was covered in...poop. I don't know how that much came out and wonder that if there were no onsie, how far it would have shot up! Anyways, sorry if that is gross to some of you, but I'm sure some of you may think it's funny. (And some of you I'm sure have experienced the same thing!) Beckett's all clean now and both the boys are napping. Have a good one!


Kristin said...

Before I say anything else, just wanted to say your children are beautiful!! I hope this doesn't creep you out that people can so easily be found but I think you (Emily, not your dog :)) and I used to be childhood friends. At least it sure looks like you. My name is Kristin Hurley and if this is the correct person, we went to grade school together before you moved away and left me at St. Paul's all by my shy self! After being sick for a week sitting at home is VERY boring (since I don't have any kids to keep me so busy) so I started to go through very old pictures and found some of us from probably 20 years ago. So since I had oodles of time on my hands I googled your name and about 5 minutes later I find this blog. Anyways, I won't keep on going before I even know this is the right Emily. E-mail me sometime if you get a free min but if I have the wrong person, I'm sorry, but your children (and dog of course) are still too cute!

Jenga Joersz said...

Hi Kristin,
We did go to school together-a long time ago! Thanks for writing! Send me your e-mail address and we can catch up!

Kristin said...

Great! my e-mail is