Friday, February 8, 2008

no sleeping at the table!!!

Lately I've been sent outside during dinner because Jon and Emma say I beg for food at Colton's feet. It's the truth, but I'm just trying to clean up after him if he makes a mess! I stare inside through the sliding glass door because sometimes funny things happen at the dinner table. So last night Emma was holding Beckett and he started to nod off to sleep. They thought it would be funny to set a fork out and lay his head on the table. What a cute little sleeper! Speaking of Colton and his messes....Lately he does not like making a "mess" with his food. If he does, he turns up his nose and says "mess" and won't stop until we give him something to clean it up.

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Mandy said...

That is SO SO cute! I love the fork next to Beckett, too! What a nice touch.