Friday, October 12, 2007

Brother and Sister....sort of!

I haven't let Cole sit on me in a while, but today I was feeling generous and didn't mind. (plus Emma found an old chew bone in the closet and I was pretty occupied with it at the time) Emma says that Cole and I have been like siblings lately. One minute we're playing and the next we're fighting. He's not the only one who knows how to bring it though...I know how to push his buttons too! First Cole chases me around the kitchen with that crazy loud lawnmower and then I'll get in his face and squeak my bunny rabbit until he screams. Really, I'm just trying to prepare Cole to be a big brother! Due date...5 weeks and hopefully sooner!

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Rachelle said...

Hi Jenga! I was wondering if you could get a picture of Emma's belly for us down here in Texas to see. We are anxious to see her. We missed it last time with Cole so if you could please send one or post one for us. I love your blog. Keep up the good work! Love to you and yours. Chelle