Monday, October 1, 2007

Rehearsal Dinner...

The next few blogs really aren't about me. (are any of them really though?) Emma's brother Luke got married this past week (September 22nd!) and so Emma, Cole and I headed up to the Farm in Virginia to help get ready the Tuesday beforehand. I got to play and run around with my aunts Maisey and Molly. Whenever lots of people were coming over, we had to stay in the barn, which was no fun...but still I'm glad I was able to go! So anyways- this blog is about the Rehearsal Dinner the day before the wedding. The dinner was really good and all the kids got to sit at their own kiddie table. Cole felt really cool sitting at a table with only kids. He sat with Morgann, London & Mosely. Everyone at the rehearsal dinner got neat party favors with toys and candy. After dinner, the kids chased each other around the tables and had a blast. Cole kept running around with his new slinky and was quite adorable.

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