Thursday, October 25, 2007


This week Cole and I both got haircuts. I had a lot of matted hair and it was yucky, so I'm glad Jon and Emma finally did something about it. Enough about my hair though, it doesn't look much different, but Cole's haircut is actually quite new and different! Emma used the clippers because Cole has been very difficult with scissors lately. When she got the scissors out, he covered his head and wouldn't let her near him- it was sort of funny. He actually didn't mind the clippers and the haircut went quite well! So his hair is pretty short and it looks so cute- it makes him look even more like a little boy. He keeps rubbing his head- I think he likes it!


Oma said...

Cole, I love your new haircut! You look so handsome!!!

Rachelle said...

My goodness you are a handsome boy! Can't wait to see you around Christmas!