Thursday, October 18, 2007

playtime with the boys!

First of all let me mention that Emma is up at 4 o'clock writing this blog- it's not me- I'm happily asleep under the ottoman. (Crazy prego girl!) So Cole had some friends over this week and had so much fun playing with them that we thought it deserved some mentioning here in the blog. Jaxson and Cash came to play Tuesday morning and they had a blast. Cole and Cash copied absolutely everything each other did (from high pitched squeals, hitting heads on pillows and then running back and forth across the room and diving into the floor...very fun to watch!) It was funny to see Cole share...or not share toys too. Emma and the boys...I think I'll be able to handle it!


4torock said...

After having my two sweet, calm boys ( HA HA HA - too funny I know!) all morning ( Thank U SOOOO much by the way!)you are gonna do great with your two! :) Hope u get some sleep tonight! :) Love

Oma said...

sorry you couldn't sleep emma, but thanks for posting for jenga;) i'm glad you had fun with your friends cole.

The Carr Family said...

Emma, you will be a wonderful mother of two! congratulations by the way too!