Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A roaring lion!

Every year I get so excited for all the little trick or treaters to come and visit me at my house. This year Cole was a lion and I have to say he looked pretty cute. He went to visit a few neighbors and brought home some candy. His favorite thing about tonight was that Emma and Jon let him have a lollipop. He made quite a mess with it! Jon and Emma taught him to roar like a lion and he thought it was pretty fun. Maybe next year I can dress up and go around the neighborhood with him.

Thanks to everyone who voted on my poll. It's just about over and I got quite a few votes in. Emma was really excited to see that 15 people have voted so far! Thanks for checking out our blog! I will say that my vote was for the October baby and obviously I'm wrong (unless this baby comes in the next hour and a half...) Emma wishes to thank everyone for the "early" votes. We shall see! But he's definitely going to be born in November at this point- sort of exciting. I'm a little anxious for them to bring him home so I can meet him!


4torock said...

Cole- U R the cutest lion ever!! Glad u enjoyed your "pop" as Cash calls it- he got one last night too and was VERY sticky! :) Have a great day J family!! :)

The Carr Family said...

cutest lion i have ever seen!

The Hemphill Family said...

I have to echo the earlier comments--Cole is an adorable lion! I can't wait to hear that the new baby is here! Hope he comes soon, Emma :)