Saturday, March 29, 2008

a game of tag...

i forgot that i had one more blog to write tonight....and then i think i'll be done for a while! here's my 7 interesting or wierd facts about emma (since she was tagged, not me...)

1). She really hates tupperware. She uses it a lot, but is always saying how much she dislikes it. I guess because she loses tops and the tupperware cabinet above the microwave is always a mess. (Where do lost tupperware lids go??)
2). She is ridiculously scared of spiders. She screams and acts very childish whenever she sees one. She has gotten better with tiny ones, but those big ones are no fun she says. I would just eat them if I were her....
3). She is very entertained by teenage girly movies. If she didn't have to help me write these blogs, that's what she would have been doing tonight while Jon is out (He's at the basketball game tonight- lucky!)
4). She's horrible at laundry. She wants to be better at it one day, but just can't seem to find the time/ desire to finish a load once it's started. I like to eat socks.
5). Jon's first gift to her was 3 angel fish. And she killed them within a couple weeks. I think she's a good pet owner, though.
6). She really likes sitting by campfires and talking with friends.
7). She's bad at thinking of things to write about herself. I told her she was tagged and we needed to write a blog....but she took a couple days to figure out what to write. Silly Emma.

OK, I will tag:
Lacey and her new blog!
& Kristie


Summer said...

laundry, schmaundry... i think i have a load still in the washer from about a week ago. i hate it too!!

Kristie said...

Oh my goodness...I just checked your blog and realized I was far behind with all these new posts! Thanks for the updates!! Cute haircut!!

Schleicher Family said...

WOW, I can't believe you did so many blogs in one night. I am lucky to do one a week. We need to get together soon. I love teenage girly movies as well but that probably isn't a shocker.

Anonymous said...

I'm bad at laundry too. Rich has given up and he washes all the clothes on Sunday. I fold them on Monday. Its the only way it would ever get done!!