Sunday, March 9, 2008

happy birthday to cole!

WOW! Can you believe that Colton is TWO years old today? We certainly cannot! We had a birthday party for him yesterday with just two friends (haha- maybe next year he can invite 3). He has grown up so much and has become such a sweet and lovable child. Even over the past month we have seen him develop in the way he communicates, his sense of humor, and the way he interacts with the family. He has become such a little boy and we're very proud of him. We are so excited to see him grow up this next year. One of his favorite words is still "Jenga" as I'm sure it will always be...I am, after all, his best friend!


4torock said...

COLE! Happy Birthday big boy :) Can't wait to see ya !! love much -
The Walser Gang:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Cole! We love you:-)

~Rich, Abbey, and Morgann

Kristie said...

Happy Birthday Colton!!! Hope you had a happy day! Bruce, Kristie and Norah