Sunday, March 9, 2008

a quick visit

Emma and the boys went to the farm for a quick trip this week. I was very upset that I was left here alone while they had fun at my favorite vacation destination! But Emma said they had a very busy 2 days and that it was better that I didn't go. (her opinion, obviously...) Anyways- the boys got to spend time with their cousin Morgann in from NH on Tuesday. Morgann showed Cole how to play make believe and Emma said it was adorable. They would pretend to take little beads off a mosaic table and then eat them. They had plenty of treats to share and handed them out to everyone.
On Wednesday, Emma and the boys got to spend some time with the Keigley girls. Little Bergen had surgery and so they played and had a fun time together while Lacey & Kevin were at the hospital. HOPE YOU'RE FEELING GOOD, BERG!!

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