Saturday, March 29, 2008

a haircut and lots of on!

Before we get to the haircut...let me tell you that I've been upstairs blogging for about 3 hours now! I had a lot of catching up to I've done 6 new blogs tonight. Phew! Almost done now! I hope that you enjoy all the new pics and stories about my family. We've had a busy couple weeks and I just haven't had a chance to get up here and work on the computer. Plus, I have a really bad hot spot right now and it's making me not feel very good. I knew that Riley would probably be checking up on the blog tonight, (with her high speed internet and all...) so I thought I'd get it done.

So...obviously you can see from this picture that little Beck got his first haircut today. He just got a little trim because it was starting to get in his eyes. Those Joersz boys sure do have a lot of hair as babies! Beckett chewed on his toys while Emma cut his hair and he did quite well until the end when he wanted to get out of the seat. For some reason Cole started crying when we put Beckett in the seat and got out the scissors. Guess he was sorry for Beckett because he doesn't like to get a haircut...? Who knows! But here's an after shot of Beckett's new do!


Summer said...

what a sweet cutie pie! his hair looks great!!

Jonathan said...

Thanks Summer, i appreciate the nice comment about my hair. I did spend quite a bit of time on it that morning.

Summer said...

hee hee! you're so funny... :o)

4torock said...

LOL- Jon u r funy!! WOW Emma, you r on a roll with all your posts- Love Becks hair- very cool dude now (yours too Jon!) and I really hope my fam can get to feeling better so we can hang out!! :) see ya