Saturday, March 29, 2008

a new friend...

I know that I've mentioned that Emma and Beckett got to meet baby Fish a couple weeks ago, but this is the first time that I got a peek of him. (No- for some reason I was not invited on their walk, but I saw him through the front door- quite a cutie!) Colin is a month old already! Here's a pic of the soon-to-be best buds. Beckett has a pretty cute pouty look, huh! He just woke up to realize that someone was in his stroller seat with him! (I would be pouty too...)


Sarah said...

Beck looks like Derek Zoolander... "Blue Steel" haha
- Sarah (Erik's Girlfriend)

Sarah Gouger said...

That's funny because that was going to be my comment also! (and I'm a Sarah too!

Sarah Gouger