Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We miss you, JON!!!

I've hardly been inside all week and I'm LOVING IT! I've been in Florida all week with Emma and the boys. We've all had a really good time, but we definitely miss Jon and can't wait to see him tomorrow evening! I'll write more about our trip soon...but just wanted to share a fun picture of what we've been up to all week!


Jonathan said...

I MISS YOU TOO!!! I am sorry i couldn't go on the trip with you. Next time I will. We will take a fun family trip this summer to the beach or something. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Short sleeves!! aaahhhh nice:-) I think we need to visit your mom in FL next winter.

Have a safe trip back to NC.

~Abbey, where it snowed, again, yesterday....and the 15th and the 12th.

Summer said...

em, your boys are beautiful! i was in florida all last week too... wish i'd known so i could come visit!

Lacey said...

Emma, I love the beach photo - you look so cute with your boys and they are adorable!

Umm.. I think I will invite myself on your next trip, when we purchase the W K J Van of Good Times!

Lacey said...

hey Emma,

I can't find your e-mail address. I have a blog now too because I want to be cool like you. It's and I want to be on your friends list and I want better placement than the end of the list. hehe (but i have some work to do ont he blog first - so be patient with me)