Saturday, March 29, 2008

picnic at the park and a clean truck

This last week had beautiful weather for a picnic, so Thursday's lunch was spent outside with Cameron & Katy from across the street and their friend David (on the left). They ate lunch and then had a fun time playing at the park. Cole is getting more comfortable playing with other kids lately. He likes to take in everything around him and then go for it. He's had a lot of fun playing with Cameron lately, which is great since he's right across the street!

Jon took off work last friday and this friday (days that had to be used by the end of March...) and we've had so much fun having him home. We've gone on lots of walks (which I love...) and the boys have had lots of daddy time. Yesterday, while Beckett was napping, Jon and Cole went out front and cleaned out Jon's tool box in the back of his truck. Cole just loved this time. They threw away stuff and organized things and Cole was a lot of help (really!) It was very cute to watch them. I sat and watched them from my regular spot in the front yard.


Riley said...

hey i reconize that shirt. good job boys.

Brent & Abigail said...

Cole and Jon are so cute. Like two peas in a pod!! :) We miss you guys. We definitely need to get the boys together.