Monday, September 10, 2007

A Trip to Sunny Florida

This past week I went on another adventure- this time to Florida. Oma, Emma, Cole & I hopped in the car and drove down Wednesday afternoon and got back on Sunday. Without my Aunts Maisey & Molly there, it was a little lonely and the pool made me very nervous! Eventually after Uncle Stin and Cole went for a swim, I calmed down and realized everything was okay. It looked like Cole had a blast in the pool. He got to spend a lot of fun time with Oma & Papa Wick. Uncle Stin kept him pretty entertained and he also got to visit with one of his favorite friends, Denise and her boyfriend Barry. The trip home from Florida was an interesting one and you'll have to ask Emma about her analogies about the new navigation system in Oma's Yukon. Something about following the navigation system and following God...I'm not sure, I slept the whole way.

A Visit from New England

Last Wednesday we shared a quick visit with Emma's cousins Abbey & Rich and their daughter Morgann. They visited on their way down to Spartanburg for the week. I wasn't able to spend much time inside during this visit because I kept getting too excited about little Morgann and got a little too close. Emma said that I scared her, but I don't know what they're talking about- I was just being friendly! So from outside the sliding door, I could see Cole and Morgann playing and they had a lot of fun together. They picked "blueberries" and visited Sam, my dog friend next door, that needed to be fed and let out. We all left to go on our trips at the same time, so we ate lunch together with Aunt Mary and Uncle Wayne, and went our seperate ways.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Piper!!!

This last week was one of my favorites. I always love going on trips, but I especially love trips to the farm in Virginia. Emma, Cole and I went up Tuesday to meet the Keigley's newest addition, Piper. Cole had a lot of fun playing with the Keigley kids and Piper was just so cute and tiny!

Hanging Out

Cole and I love to lay on pillows and blankets anytime they're on the floor. Yesterday was Virginia Tech's first football game and so we all relaxed and watched the game- Cole wore Emma's Hokies hat. The Hokies won, by the way, if you haven't heard. I actually ended up sleeping through most of the game because I'm pretty tired from my trip up to Virginia.

On a the house?

Yesterday Cole thought it would be fun to try to take me on a walk. He went and got the leash and brought it to me when I was laying by the front door (that's one of my favorite places to sleep because I can keep an ear out for anyone passing by my house). Obviously he wasn't able to attach my leash, so Jon helped him and he walked me all around the house. I would have rather gone outside but I think Jon and Emma were concerned that I would drag Cole down the street. It was sort of funny walking from the kitchen to the living room back and forth, so eventually I got tired and started playing tug of war with him and he got upset. Maybe someday Jon and Emma will let Cole take me on walks.