Sunday, February 21, 2010

transformer underwear

did I mention that Beckett is working on potty training?
any ideas, suggestions or words of encouragement?

big boys!


We got home from Florida this past Monday and we had SO MUCH FUN! The trip down was nice and Jon drove the whole way (Emma liked that). Addie and I were crammed in the back because we brought down several baby things for Erik & Sarah's little guy. Addie didn't seem to care about giving me any space in the back seat and sprawled herself out. I sat up most of the way, but that's okay- I was excited to see where my family was taking me! We spent most of our trip outside with our aunts Maizey and Molly and even got to spend some time with our sweet cousin Luna. We jumped in Lake Sometimes and fetched sticks and splashed around. This was our idea of a fun time- that and running off and making Emma drive to find us!

The boys had a great time seeing most of their uncles during our trip. (Wish we could have had Luke, Jess & Izzy down too!) During our time down in Florida, they went to a dinosaur museum, played outside, went to the BEST PLAYGROUND EVER, played with airplanes, went on walks....all sorts of fun. Our family is traveling again this week but is leaving us home. Don't worry, we'll try to behave. Enjoy looking at some pictures of the fun times we had in Florida!

[Cool life-like dinosaurs that Colton said were "too loud!"]