Monday, December 29, 2008

I like fetch!

This is me and my new *PINK* tennis ball.  Jenga and I absolutely love these.  They came in a set of three and I cannot manage to set any of them down for a long period of time. They're so pretty!
We had a wonderful Christmas.  It was very relaxing and me and my family spent good family time together.  Jenga and I are officially playing rough again and loving it.  
This was the scene at our house this morning.  Beckett has been wanting a little more freedom with his "silverware" and Emma accidentally left the yogurt within his reach.  It actually got a little worse a couple seconds later and baths were needed.

Look at my cute boys!
Yes, this is Beckett chewing on my dog bowl. Look how much fun he's having though.  The boys love playing with us so much.  Their favorite activity lately is playing CHASE all around the house.  We get in on the action and it can get pretty loud!

Well it's about time to put those sweet boys to bed.  Thanks for reading!  Goodnight!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm fine, but my water dish isn't...

I am feeling much better now after my surgery. Jenga and I want to run and play together so badly, but Jon and Emma won't let us. We've been seperated many times...I hope we get to play fight again soon. I am feeling a little cooped up. 10-14 days? Yeah right- I feel fine now!!!

So the other day, Emma dropped a light bulb off the counter and was cleaning it up with Beckett in his chair and Cole on the other side of the room. Don't ask me why, but our water dish was sitting next to Beckett on the table. He was playing in it and Emma said it was okay- she would take it away from him after she cleaned up her mess. Well right after she finished, Beckett decided to drag the dish on the floor and make a new mess for her to clean up. Look at that face. He looks so proud!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Get well soon!

You might not know, but our sweet little Addie is at the vet today, so I thought I'd write her a letter to cheer her up. She has been gone since this morning and I miss her VERY much! Emma said she's getting spayed- whatever that means- something about not having puppies.

Dear Addie,

Over the last 2 months, you've become a very dear friend. I must admit that I didn't like you very much when you came to my house- but now it's our house and I like it much better with you here. Sometimes Emma says it gets a little crowded when we're rowdy, but I think it's so much fun. I like that you let me stick your whole head in my mouth. I think you're cute when you sleep with your tummy in the air and your legs stick out funny. (So cute that sometimes I try to mimic it now...I like it when Emma and Jon say "awww" to me!) You also snore, but I don't mind.

Emma said that the vet just called to say that you are starting to wake up from your surgery. I hope that you feel okay and just wanted to let you know that we are all anxious for you to get home this evening! The boys are thinking about you too. They have been playing your crate and think it's fun. (I'll post a picture- it's pretty cute!)

See you tonight!
Your big sis Jenga

Sunday, December 14, 2008

late blog update...

Well I guess it's about time that we stop digging in the backyard to write a blog. We haven't updated in a while and we're sorry we haven't. I guess we should start with what we did for Thanksgiving. Obviously you know that we were not invited to go to Florida- we stayed home to take care of the house. We got many visits from neighbors, especially Tammy (Sam & Missy's mommy). We enjoyed seeing her each day- she rubbed our bellies.

Oh Yes, back to our family....They had a great trip to Florida (despite the van breaking down in Georgia....) and had a blast with friends and family. Thanksgiving was so much fun. Eating outside, playing football and playing truth or dare were some highlights. Erik & Sarah's wedding was beautiful. We are so excited to welcome Sarah into our family! We know many of you have probably seen the photos, but for those of you who haven't, here are a few of the many great moments!
London and Cole playing in the side yard after Thanksgiving dinner.

Cheering on during the football game! GO TEAM!

Emma and Beckett at the wedding reception. The boys were so good!

Jon and Cole at the wedding. Weren't they handsome in their tuxes?

There was fun dancing all night long!