Tuesday, October 28, 2008

case of mystery blogger solved.

I can't stand the suspense any longer! I would like to introduce to you the newest member of the Joersz family, Addie. At first I was a little upset that my family wanted to replace me, but I'm warming up to this sweet puppy. She's very full of energy and likes to take my toys, but that's okay. Addie is 6 months old and is a golden retriever just like me. She's lighter than me though and has straight hair. We've been going on lots of walks and Addie is doing great walking next to the stroller! She's been a little mischievous and Emma keeps having to wash our feet before coming inside (those bags of topsoil were pretty irresistible!) So they've been busy getting the house in "puppy order" and we dogs are busy playing. I'm sure Addie can't wait to meet all of my friends and I'm so excited to take her up to the farm for the first time. She's going to love it! Apparently she's going to start helping me with the blog. That will be nice. Well I just wanted to let you know about our latest addition. We can't wait for you to meet her!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Long time no blog.

Wow, it looks like Jenga has been a real big slacker lately. As a guest blogger, I'm going to get you all up to date and let you know what's been going on in the Joersz house since she has hardly posted all October. Don't worry, I'll try not to let her take such long blog breaks from now on as I plan to help her out in writing posts- she is getting old you know and sometimes needs reminders. Let's see--what has happened....

Beckett turned 11 months and can you believe it...he is almost one year old. Emma doesn't know where the last year has gone. "What did she do this year," I hear her saying often. He is walking like a pro and loves making sounds like da-da and ba-ba and ma-ma. He loves his food. He just started getting up on our riding zebra "Marty" on his own and thinks it's the greatest thing.

And Cole. He's a sweet kid. I like him already. He's been doing really well with the whole potty training thing. Jon says he has his days and sometimes he doesn't want to go, but for the most part, he's doing well and is proud of himself for going. Emma & Jon think he's grown taller in the last month or so and he is saying so much more. He loves his music class on Monday mornings and loves singing in the car and at home. His favorite song right now is "Comin' 'round the Mountain."

I hear that he taught that song to the Keigley kids when the family went to visit last week in South Carolina. They picked apples at Skytop Orchard, had a bonfire, went to the zoo and had a lot of fun with friends.....
The boys are having a lot of fun together. Cole likes to help feed Beckett and they play all the time in their secret room. Check out Cole's idea of giving Beckett some more cereal.... Well, I guess by now you are wondering about this guest blogger. Who is he? Or she? Hmm...I guess you'll have to find out later. I'm going to keep you in suspense....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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