Thursday, October 29, 2009

We have some new friends and a set of amazing pumpkins displayed on our front porch. The Daraja Children's Choir from Africa came to our church for a concert this week and we were able to host 3 boys from Kenya and their chaperone from Atlanta. We had so much fun with Eddy, Kevin, Ian & CJ and wish they could have stayed longer! The concert was awesome- to see the kids' passion for worshiping God was contagious. We painted pumpkins on Monday night and all the boys (including Colton and Beckett) absolutely loved it. The boys also loved the fish and were interested in us doggies, but we were a little too hyper to come in and play! To see more about the Daraja Children's Choir, check out their website! We miss you boys!!!

[Kevin, Eddy, & Ian]

Biking fun!

It's beautiful outside today and so Emma and the boys went on a walk...without us! We were so upset, but then we realized that Cole was riding his bike for the first time around the neighborhood, and we figured Emma wanted to devote extra attention to him rather than keep up with a stroller, a biker AND two pups. She had nothing to fear at all though and should have brought us with her, because COLE WAS A PRO! He did so good! He has been really nervous about getting on the bike and is finally getting used to it. Maybe we'll go on a walk after naptime... and this time, we'll get to go!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Emma and the boys had a great time at Riverbend Farm with Kristie, Norah & Eliah yesterday! Apparently the mornings there are set aside for schools, but they were able to group up with some schools and go on a wagon ride, pick a pumpkin out of a field and then explore all the fun things at the farm! There were fun animals at the farm- even a Beckett sized turkey. The favorite activity might have been the handmade climbing tower/slide made out of farm equipment---or possibly just the wagon ride. The fun time ended with a wonderful picnic in the grass...which ended with a not so wonderful experience with fire ants! Poor Eliah!

[Who loves the boys' new winter hats???]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

cute pups...

our new favorite spot.

we have a wonderful new place to sit and relax and enjoy doggy life- a screen porch Jon and some men he works with have built over the past week. we have an amazing new contraption called a doggy door. we love it and think our family loves it too. please come over and visit us to sit in the pleasant new room!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

lots of kids at their house....

[we're going to be best buds even though it may seem we're always upset with each other right now...]

Lacey and Kevin went to Atlanta to go to a concert this week and so Emma and the boys went down to hang out with the Keigley kids minus baby Otto. 6 kids 6 and under was a little hectic but fun! Oma came for the night as well and we went to Skytop Orchard Wednesday morning. It was a beautiful day to go apple picking and the kids had a great time. They loved the apple doughnuts and cider. We got together with neighbor friends last night and enjoyed cinnamon apples and apple pie! We doggies didn't get to enjoy the apple treats but heard they were delicious!

Friday, October 9, 2009

this kid... so cute and fun. Beckett has really been into wearing hats lately. He gets upset when his hats don't fit anymore. In this picture, he really wanted to wear Colton's VT hat. He felt like such a big kid and was so proud of himself wearing it. He also likes wearing mommy's hat and just got a new hand-me-down hat from Bergen. It looks adorable on him.

lots of kids at our house...

The Keigleys came to stay the night a couple weeks ago when Kevin flew back into Charlotte from his trip to Israel. The kids had a lot of fun playing together!