Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Emma and the boys had a great time at Riverbend Farm with Kristie, Norah & Eliah yesterday! Apparently the mornings there are set aside for schools, but they were able to group up with some schools and go on a wagon ride, pick a pumpkin out of a field and then explore all the fun things at the farm! There were fun animals at the farm- even a Beckett sized turkey. The favorite activity might have been the handmade climbing tower/slide made out of farm equipment---or possibly just the wagon ride. The fun time ended with a wonderful picnic in the grass...which ended with a not so wonderful experience with fire ants! Poor Eliah!

[Who loves the boys' new winter hats???]


Erik & Sarah said...

I love the boys new winter hats! So cute! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Oma said...

looks like a fun time! love those hats...the picture of beck is too cute

Mandy said...

We got Cameron and Katy hats like these. Hee hee... Katy picked them out! :) Hers is pink and sparkly!!