Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A roaring lion!

Every year I get so excited for all the little trick or treaters to come and visit me at my house. This year Cole was a lion and I have to say he looked pretty cute. He went to visit a few neighbors and brought home some candy. His favorite thing about tonight was that Emma and Jon let him have a lollipop. He made quite a mess with it! Jon and Emma taught him to roar like a lion and he thought it was pretty fun. Maybe next year I can dress up and go around the neighborhood with him.

Thanks to everyone who voted on my poll. It's just about over and I got quite a few votes in. Emma was really excited to see that 15 people have voted so far! Thanks for checking out our blog! I will say that my vote was for the October baby and obviously I'm wrong (unless this baby comes in the next hour and a half...) Emma wishes to thank everyone for the "early" votes. We shall see! But he's definitely going to be born in November at this point- sort of exciting. I'm a little anxious for them to bring him home so I can meet him!

A fun weekend...

This last weekend was Jon's birthday. He's 28-the same age as me (in dog years of course!) His family came into town and we had a nice visit over the weekend. I had a fun time roughhousing with Al's toes! On Saturday I was banned to the backyard because of a baby shower for the new baby but I didn't mind because the weather was nice. Emma's friends Tara and Kristie threw the shower and they did such a good job. It was a lot of fun! Emma keeps telling me how good the food was but won't let me have any of the leftovers (though she has quite a bit in the fridge!!!)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kiss the Baby Cole!

Here's a picture of that belly for you, Chelle! Cole is always lifting up Emma's shirt and kissing and patting her belly. Sometimes he tries to do it in public though, and it's hard for him to understand why sometimes he's not allowed to do it! He definitely knows that it's "the baby" but what does that mean to him I wonder....

Running off in the Rain...

Today I was very naughty. Emma and Cole took me out for a quick car ride and when we got home, Emma opened the van door for me, and I ran off and didn't go inside like she wanted me to. I feel sort of bad, but I had a fun time running around in the rain. I think that's why Emma didn't allow me to come ride in the car when they went to visit her college roommate Amber this afternoon. They said they had a fun time visiting and catching up though. Cole liked Amber and showed her his cool dance moves and his belly button. Amber gave Cole some cool bath toys- he asked me to say THANKS for him and that he enjoyed meeting her. I think I get to go on another car ride tomorrow morning to go to the vet. I promise I won't run off again!


This week Cole and I both got haircuts. I had a lot of matted hair and it was yucky, so I'm glad Jon and Emma finally did something about it. Enough about my hair though, it doesn't look much different, but Cole's haircut is actually quite new and different! Emma used the clippers because Cole has been very difficult with scissors lately. When she got the scissors out, he covered his head and wouldn't let her near him- it was sort of funny. He actually didn't mind the clippers and the haircut went quite well! So his hair is pretty short and it looks so cute- it makes him look even more like a little boy. He keeps rubbing his head- I think he likes it!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Trip...

Cole and Emma went off and left me again this last friday. They went up to Greensboro to the children's museum there and met the Keigleys and the Lesters for a day of fun. Cole's buddy Cameron came along with his mommy Mandy. Cole told me about all the fun things he did at the museum. There was a fun section to climb all over things, a section with lots of blocks (one of Cole's favorite things), an airplane with fun buttons and a slide, a cool sandbox, a bubble room and lots more! Of all the things at the museum, Cole really liked riding in the Little Tykes car. He didn't move very far, but he had fun sitting in it!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

playtime with the boys!

First of all let me mention that Emma is up at 4 o'clock writing this blog- it's not me- I'm happily asleep under the ottoman. (Crazy prego girl!) So Cole had some friends over this week and had so much fun playing with them that we thought it deserved some mentioning here in the blog. Jaxson and Cash came to play Tuesday morning and they had a blast. Cole and Cash copied absolutely everything each other did (from high pitched squeals, hitting heads on pillows and then running back and forth across the room and diving into the floor...very fun to watch!) It was funny to see Cole share...or not share toys too. Emma and the boys...I think I'll be able to handle it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Fun

Last week Cole and Emma went to a pumpkin patch with a bunch of friends and Cole got to pick out his first pumpkin! He brought it home to show me and I think he did a pretty good job at picking a perfect pumpkin. While he was there, he got to see lots of animals like sheep and goats and chickens. I would have had a blast chasing all those animals! He also got to go on another hayride and said it was quite fun.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Brother and Sister....sort of!

I haven't let Cole sit on me in a while, but today I was feeling generous and didn't mind. (plus Emma found an old chew bone in the closet and I was pretty occupied with it at the time) Emma says that Cole and I have been like siblings lately. One minute we're playing and the next we're fighting. He's not the only one who knows how to bring it though...I know how to push his buttons too! First Cole chases me around the kitchen with that crazy loud lawnmower and then I'll get in his face and squeak my bunny rabbit until he screams. Really, I'm just trying to prepare Cole to be a big brother! Due date...5 weeks and hopefully sooner!

Daddy's Tools

"And here's how to use the stud finder..." Cole says to me like I know what he's talking about! I don't really know what all that beeping was about, but Cole sure was having fun with that silly contraption that Jon showed him how to use. Other favorites are the tape measure and screwdriver. Jon and Emma are doing lots of projects around the house lately and Cole is always wanting to help!

Big Boy Bed!

There's a fun new spot for me to nap in the house and I'm pretty excited about it. Ever since Jon and Emma banned me from their bedroom, I've been downstairs most of the time. (It's better for me they say because I'm not tempted to taste the socks, etc. left out for me) But for the past few weeks, I've been able to come up when Emma and Cole are playing in his room during the day and catch a quick nap under his cool new bed. Cole's pretty happy with his new sleeping arrangements as well. After napping in his bed for less than a week, he climbed up in his bed one night and has been sleeping in it ever since. Emma says that he's being so good at just staying in bed until she comes in to get him. He has some toys that he plays with and loves laying on his pillows! (PS- I wish I had some nice pillows like Cole!)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Apple Pickin' Fun

Cole and Emma are having a lot of fun going to farms lately. This week, they went to Windy Hill Apple Orchard in York, SC with a bunch of friends. As part of the tour, they got to hear about Johnny Appleseed, went on a hayride, saw some pigs, chickens & goats, had apple donuts and cider, played in the hay while other kids made a scarecrow and got to pick apples to bring home. What a fun time! They even had a picnic lunch afterwards. Cole's favorite part of the trip was riding in the van with the McGlinchey kids. He liked handing toys back and forth with Emmy and having some interaction in the backseat. I think he's looking forward to having a buddy to ride with in the van!

Aw Shucks!

We had an exciting day this past weekend. The Keigleys came to visit and my house with SIX kids was quite lively. Needless to say, I was glad to stay outside while they were here.
Cole had fun with them around and got to have his first real sleepover Friday night when he and Bergen slept in the same room! Saturday, they all went to a Corn Maze Farm, had a picnic, went on a hayride and played in the hay. Cole's buddy Maddie came along for the fun as well!

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Wedding Day...

Luke and Jessica had a beautiful wedding day. It was so much fun and we are so excited to welcome Jessica into our family! Cole now has TWO aunt Jessicas and an uncle Jesse- so we all need to discuss what everyone wants to be called. The reception was great. A highlight of the week for Cole was playing with all the kids. Cole's cousin Morgann was in town from New Hampshire and the Keigley kids are always fun to watch and learn. The picture above shows Cole's mad dancing skills as he and London enjoyed the dance floor.

Rehearsal Dinner...

The next few blogs really aren't about me. (are any of them really though?) Emma's brother Luke got married this past week (September 22nd!) and so Emma, Cole and I headed up to the Farm in Virginia to help get ready the Tuesday beforehand. I got to play and run around with my aunts Maisey and Molly. Whenever lots of people were coming over, we had to stay in the barn, which was no fun...but still I'm glad I was able to go! So anyways- this blog is about the Rehearsal Dinner the day before the wedding. The dinner was really good and all the kids got to sit at their own kiddie table. Cole felt really cool sitting at a table with only kids. He sat with Morgann, London & Mosely. Everyone at the rehearsal dinner got neat party favors with toys and candy. After dinner, the kids chased each other around the tables and had a blast. Cole kept running around with his new slinky and was quite adorable.

Cole's First Chore

I am particularly fond of Cole's first chore-mainly because it involves me! Every morning and every evening Cole helps Emma and Jon feed me. He's just started being able to carry the scoop over to my bowl but sometimes if Jon and Emma are in a hurry, he just picks up the pieces that they accidentally drop. After my food is poured, part of Cole's job is to put away the scoop in my food bin. He's doing a really good job!