Wednesday, January 21, 2009

snow day!

Almost all our blog friends around here have already posted about our big snow day yesterday.  Does it show that we're all a little excited?  Jon tried to go into work, but after some near collisions decided to come back home...and we were excited that he did.  He got to play in the snow with us! Beckett liked everything about the snow day except for wearing those gloves.  He wanted them off! Cole was having fun throwing and eating the snow.  We were all pretty impressed with Jon's snowball throwing and accuracy.  He hit a boy across the street in the back!  I had never seen snow before and was a little confused, but Jenga knew what this crazy white substance was and showed me how to run and play in it.  I got to go out front with the family and play.  Rebecca and Colin came over.  He's a cute kid and he liked it when I licked his face!  I headed out back so that Emma and the boys could go across the street and play with Cameron and Katy for a little bit.  I hope it snows again.  It was fun!  We still have a little bit of snow in our yard this morning but it will probably melt away today.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009


This week, Emma and some neighbor girls decided to start a playdate switchoff, where each mommy gets a couple hours without kids to get stuff done.  Tuesday was Emma's day and she said it was great.  She plans to get a lot of work and stuff around the house done during those hours. Running errands is much simpler without kids, too!  

Today was our first day to watch the kiddos.  Lelia & Jaydan, the twins from next door, came over for lunch and playtime.  Jenga was out front on the leash, but I was able to come in and see the kids in action.  (Emma blocked me off from the living room so the kids could eat snacks though- that was sort of a bummer!)  I like those kids and am looking forward to seeing them every Thursday while their mommy goes to class.  Beckett was somewhat possessive of his mommy, but otherwise had a fun time playing with kids his age.  (He especially liked eating their snacks!)  

Monday, January 12, 2009

Everyone Poops.

It's true.  For the last few months though, Cole has been fighting this truth.  My family talks about poop all the time.  Sometimes it's sort of gross.  I pooped in the house yesterday (whoops!) So- any helpful hints for Cole (like this great book, which has helped) would be greatly appreciated!


A bouncy birthday

Our family went out Saturday to celebrate Maddie's Birthday. Dogs must not be allowed into Monkey Joe's or else we would have been invited too, right?  It looks like the boys had a blast with their friend Maddie.  Beckett went feet first on his belly down the slides by himself and thought it was the greatest thing ever.  Happy Birthday Maddie!  

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Addie's in trouble...

The boys are having so much fun playing together lately- it's so much fun to watch them together.  They will go into the playroom or go upstairs to Cole's room.  Last night, Cole grabbed Beckett by the hand and dragged him into the playroom with him.  Very cute.  

This mess you see is all (or mostly) Addie's fault.  She's in the dog house!  No more blogging for her for a while- that's for sure.  

I'll try to take and post some more pics of the boys soon...