Monday, May 11, 2009

hugs and chapstick

Thanks everybody for the comments!  It's nice to know that our words are read and pictures seen. We have had a good start to the week.  Emma and the boys went to music class and for some reason, the boys decided to hug constantly.  They would embrace for 2-3 seconds at a time and then do it again minutes later.  The other moms in the class "ooh-ed and ahh-ed" over it and Emma said it was stinkin' cute.  Gotta love the Joersz boys- just spreadin' the love.  
Colton loves chapstick.  He woke up this morning asking for it. "FOO-stick" is how he says it.  Saturday he had the song from the Veggie Tales movie, Jonah, in his head all day.  "Say your prayers....da da daaa....A message from the Lord," he would sing.  

Beckett loves his sippy cup.  If he's upset about something, the sippy cup usually fixes the problem.  His favorite song lately is "The wheels on the bus."  He does hand motions and the last couple nights has been singing along really well, especially at the part where you sing- "all through the town."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Backward shorts

The boys have been creating some beautiful artwork this morning.  Colton really gets into his drawings lately.  Beckett mainly enjoys throwing markers everywhere in the midst of some scribbles.  Oh- and they both think putting marker lids on their fingers is the best thing ever.  Colton has 5 on each finger on one hand right now and just said, "Mommy, look, I'm the muffin man!" Hmm? 
Colton has been doing a good job at dressing himself lately.  He puts his underwear and shorts on several times each day.  Sometimes, like yesterday, they end up backwards.  It's pretty cute.  

I don't know if anyone reads my blog anymore.  It makes me sort of sad.  I haven't gotten comments in almost a month.  I KNOW it's my fault because I've been lazy at posting new things.  I'll work on that.  

I have been working on some other blogs though lately.  If you didn't know, Riley and I are going to Africa this summer with our church in July.  We just posted a new update this morning.  And I'm working on getting a blog ready for my business, Odd Dog Design.  Right now there are some senior portraits up of our Pastor's daughter, Brianna.  I plan on putting other projects up soon!  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Please ask Emma to fix our dog bed!

We agree that Emma should think about fixing our dog bed before giving the boys new beds, but obviously that's not how things roll around here lately!  They moved the double bed into Colton's room last week and he really loves it!  The twin bed was moved into Beckett's room too, but with much surprise, Beckett has no intentions to sleep in it.  Play in it- yes- but nap and bedtime he belongs in his crib is what he thinks.    
Colton has been doing really well with underwear for bedtime.  He has had a few accidents, but is clean and dry most mornings lately.  

The boys have a new favorite activity: washing the car!  Jon got out the soap and buckets and sponges last weekend and the boys had a blast helping out daddy.  We weren't surprised when Colton hated being sprayed with the hose and when Beckett absolutely loved it.  He was soaked and so happy.