Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Please ask Emma to fix our dog bed!

We agree that Emma should think about fixing our dog bed before giving the boys new beds, but obviously that's not how things roll around here lately!  They moved the double bed into Colton's room last week and he really loves it!  The twin bed was moved into Beckett's room too, but with much surprise, Beckett has no intentions to sleep in it.  Play in it- yes- but nap and bedtime he belongs in his crib is what he thinks.    
Colton has been doing really well with underwear for bedtime.  He has had a few accidents, but is clean and dry most mornings lately.  

The boys have a new favorite activity: washing the car!  Jon got out the soap and buckets and sponges last weekend and the boys had a blast helping out daddy.  We weren't surprised when Colton hated being sprayed with the hose and when Beckett absolutely loved it.  He was soaked and so happy.  

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