Monday, March 31, 2008

yucky weather, yucky day

I've had the worst day. I've been to the vet twice and the second time they kept me there. Apparently I've eaten something that is stuck in my stomach and so right now as Emma types this for me, I'm in surgery. Who knew that I would be having SURGERY today? Anyways- I just wanted to let you all know how I was doing. Please pray for me and that everything goes well. Dr. Michelle told me that Emma's going to come pick me up and take me home after the surgery. I'm excited to get home.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

a game of tag...

i forgot that i had one more blog to write tonight....and then i think i'll be done for a while! here's my 7 interesting or wierd facts about emma (since she was tagged, not me...)

1). She really hates tupperware. She uses it a lot, but is always saying how much she dislikes it. I guess because she loses tops and the tupperware cabinet above the microwave is always a mess. (Where do lost tupperware lids go??)
2). She is ridiculously scared of spiders. She screams and acts very childish whenever she sees one. She has gotten better with tiny ones, but those big ones are no fun she says. I would just eat them if I were her....
3). She is very entertained by teenage girly movies. If she didn't have to help me write these blogs, that's what she would have been doing tonight while Jon is out (He's at the basketball game tonight- lucky!)
4). She's horrible at laundry. She wants to be better at it one day, but just can't seem to find the time/ desire to finish a load once it's started. I like to eat socks.
5). Jon's first gift to her was 3 angel fish. And she killed them within a couple weeks. I think she's a good pet owner, though.
6). She really likes sitting by campfires and talking with friends.
7). She's bad at thinking of things to write about herself. I told her she was tagged and we needed to write a blog....but she took a couple days to figure out what to write. Silly Emma.

OK, I will tag:
Lacey and her new blog!
& Kristie

a haircut and lots of on!

Before we get to the haircut...let me tell you that I've been upstairs blogging for about 3 hours now! I had a lot of catching up to I've done 6 new blogs tonight. Phew! Almost done now! I hope that you enjoy all the new pics and stories about my family. We've had a busy couple weeks and I just haven't had a chance to get up here and work on the computer. Plus, I have a really bad hot spot right now and it's making me not feel very good. I knew that Riley would probably be checking up on the blog tonight, (with her high speed internet and all...) so I thought I'd get it done.

So...obviously you can see from this picture that little Beck got his first haircut today. He just got a little trim because it was starting to get in his eyes. Those Joersz boys sure do have a lot of hair as babies! Beckett chewed on his toys while Emma cut his hair and he did quite well until the end when he wanted to get out of the seat. For some reason Cole started crying when we put Beckett in the seat and got out the scissors. Guess he was sorry for Beckett because he doesn't like to get a haircut...? Who knows! But here's an after shot of Beckett's new do!

picnic at the park and a clean truck

This last week had beautiful weather for a picnic, so Thursday's lunch was spent outside with Cameron & Katy from across the street and their friend David (on the left). They ate lunch and then had a fun time playing at the park. Cole is getting more comfortable playing with other kids lately. He likes to take in everything around him and then go for it. He's had a lot of fun playing with Cameron lately, which is great since he's right across the street!

Jon took off work last friday and this friday (days that had to be used by the end of March...) and we've had so much fun having him home. We've gone on lots of walks (which I love...) and the boys have had lots of daddy time. Yesterday, while Beckett was napping, Jon and Cole went out front and cleaned out Jon's tool box in the back of his truck. Cole just loved this time. They threw away stuff and organized things and Cole was a lot of help (really!) It was very cute to watch them. I sat and watched them from my regular spot in the front yard.

a new friend...

I know that I've mentioned that Emma and Beckett got to meet baby Fish a couple weeks ago, but this is the first time that I got a peek of him. (No- for some reason I was not invited on their walk, but I saw him through the front door- quite a cutie!) Colin is a month old already! Here's a pic of the soon-to-be best buds. Beckett has a pretty cute pouty look, huh! He just woke up to realize that someone was in his stroller seat with him! (I would be pouty too...)

a cute boy and a bad haircut

yes...Beckett has gotten a haircut (today actually) but he hadn't gotten one in this cute pic yet. The bad haircut I'm referring to is ME! Emma was making some quick work with scissors and those scary clippers and just made a choppy mess of my beautiful hair. I'm a little embarrassed, but it's okay. I feel a lot better with a more cool hairstyle. Beckett is rolling over quite a bit these days and just loves being on his belly. Anyone want to guess when this little guy is going to start moving? I guess I need to prepare myself and start putting up my doggy treats!

our trip to florida!

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egg hunt!

Our neighbors had an easter egg hunt in the middle of March for the kids. We all had a lot of fun, especially Colton. I got to watch from across the street in my favorite spot lately- the front yard. Cole was running everywhere and quickly filled up his easter basket with as many eggs possible. He would leave his basket in one spot and run and get up to 4 eggs at once. It was hilarious. Beckett enjoyed watching the kids run around and sort of held an egg. Thanks for the fun time Mandy & Drew!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We miss you, JON!!!

I've hardly been inside all week and I'm LOVING IT! I've been in Florida all week with Emma and the boys. We've all had a really good time, but we definitely miss Jon and can't wait to see him tomorrow evening! I'll write more about our trip soon...but just wanted to share a fun picture of what we've been up to all week!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ready, set, go!!!

We've had a good week. Colton has been playing with his cars from his favorite movie CARS. Jon and Emma got them for him for his birthday (he has 9 of them!) and he thinks they're the greatest things. He even sleeps with them as you can see in the picture. He knows all the names and is having a blast playing with them. And Beckett has had an eventful week as well. He started eating rice cereal on Monday. He really likes it- even though half of it comes right back out! He's been sleeping really well this week too, which we'll give the cereal some credit for. Last night was an 8-5 then 7:30 night--with no crying in the middle of the night! Yeh for mommy! Beckett is 4 months old now and is developing a very happy personality. He loves to smile when people talk to him, or when I lick his face....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

happy birthday to cole!

WOW! Can you believe that Colton is TWO years old today? We certainly cannot! We had a birthday party for him yesterday with just two friends (haha- maybe next year he can invite 3). He has grown up so much and has become such a sweet and lovable child. Even over the past month we have seen him develop in the way he communicates, his sense of humor, and the way he interacts with the family. He has become such a little boy and we're very proud of him. We are so excited to see him grow up this next year. One of his favorite words is still "Jenga" as I'm sure it will always be...I am, after all, his best friend!

a quick visit

Emma and the boys went to the farm for a quick trip this week. I was very upset that I was left here alone while they had fun at my favorite vacation destination! But Emma said they had a very busy 2 days and that it was better that I didn't go. (her opinion, obviously...) Anyways- the boys got to spend time with their cousin Morgann in from NH on Tuesday. Morgann showed Cole how to play make believe and Emma said it was adorable. They would pretend to take little beads off a mosaic table and then eat them. They had plenty of treats to share and handed them out to everyone.
On Wednesday, Emma and the boys got to spend some time with the Keigley girls. Little Bergen had surgery and so they played and had a fun time together while Lacey & Kevin were at the hospital. HOPE YOU'RE FEELING GOOD, BERG!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

a fun weekend...

How cute is this little guy? Just yesterday, he started propping himself up with his elbows during tummy time. We figure once this guy gets the strength, he'll be moving before we know it. He already moves from one end of the crib to the other during the night. Can you believe that little Beckett is almost 4 months old?

Emma and Beckett finally got to meet baby Colin this weekend. We got sick in our house the day he was born, so we were very anxious to meet him! Emma said that he's very adorable and super tiny!! (Compared to Beckett obviously- who is probably double the size of little baby Fish!)

Jon has off today, and it's very nice to have an extended weekend every once in a while. He and Cole have gone to town. One of Cole's favorite things to do is spend time with daddy in the truck.

slam dunk!

Cole's birthday is in a week! He'll be TWO years old. He's growing up so fast. Lately, whenever Jon and Emma ask if he wants to do something (eat lunch, watch George, go outside....), he says "uh-huh, I do!" really fast and jumbled together. It's really cute. So, back to his birthday.... Grandma and Grandpa from Texas got him a basketball hoop. We already gave it to him and he absolutely loves it!