Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yellow Snow

When I woke up and Jon let me outside to go to the bathroom on Saturday morning, my paws stepped out into this wet white substance called SNOW. I was quite excited to play in it and so was my family. The boys got all bundled up and went outside to throw snowballs and make a snowman. After Beckett's gloves got wet, he decided it was time to go in, but Colton wanted to stay out and play for a long time. He had a blast! We went out again today for a walk and enjoyed some sunny snow time! I hope this snow comes back soon!


Friday, January 1, 2010

New bike...

Colton got a new bike this week with Christmas money from G.G. and Grandpa. He's grown so much in the past few months that all of a sudden, he looked huge on his little bike that we got him for his last birthday. His new ride is a 16" red Huffy that says "Rockit" on the side. (Like rocket and rock it! at the same time) He loves it and also loves the new accessories...a cool horn, new kneepads, elbow pads & even a super-cool pair of bike gloves where his fingers stick out. He didn't like the change to the new helmet (his old one was Cars-themed) but after the bike ride this morning, we think he likes his blue shark helmet which fits better too! We doggies are quite fond of all the walks we are going on as well. Thanks G.G & Grandpa!