Friday, September 25, 2009

we miss luna!!

On our way to Florida, we stopped at Emma's college friend, Summer's house. Emma had a great time seeing her and we doggies loved exploring her house. Cole and Beckett liked playing with Lucy and Elly- very fun girls! On the way HOME, we stopped by Uncle Erik and Aunt Sarah's house in Jacksonville. They have a new Weimaraner puppy named Luna that we doggies didn't care to play first. Eventually Addie and Luna became best buds and wore each other out playing! On Wednesday, they went to the Jacksonville Zoo and the boys had a great time, despite the heat- it was soo hot! Their favorite part was the train ride and Cole said he liked the elephants the best, but it seemed like he enjoyed the reptiles with Uncle Erik more than the elephants! Here's one of the creepy snakes! (This is for you, Mandy!)

beach fun!

We traveled to Florida a couple weeks ago and of course couldn't resist a good trip to the beach. Apparently dogs weren't allowed at the part of the beach we went to, so we reluctantly stayed home with Maizey and Molly. The boys had a blast though and it surprisingly ended up being a beautiful day for beach fun! The boys got to spend a good amount of time with each uncle and of course Oma and Papa!
This bucket was used in many creative ways!
Even though it looks like Cole is pouring water on Beckett's back (which is why Beckett was laying there), the water is actually landing on the ground behind Beck. Funny.
They LOVE playing in the sand and actually spent a lot of time in the water this beach trip (before they have been a little scared of the waves...)
Having some fun in the sun with Uncle Jesse and Uncle Stin!!

oh addie...

yeh. this is me- in the pool. do you see my claws grasping the edge in fear? i may look like i'm smiling for this picture....but in my head i'm thinking, "why would emma be taking a picture of this and not getting me out of this strange pit of torture?"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

doggy cousins

Aunt Jessica came for the weekend along with her furry family. We doggies became quick friends...especially Banter and Addie as they met for the first time this trip!

Fun time with Aunt Jessica

We had a great time with Aunt Jessica this past weekend. We doggies played so much until we were all tired out. The family went to Matthews Alive on Saturday and the boys loved their first fair rides! Cole absolutely loved the swings and went on them twice. On Sunday, they travelled west to Chimney Rock. They hiked to see the waterfall and then went to the top of Chimney Rock, which was beautiful and amazing! Cole walked the whole time and loved it. We're so glad that Jess came and can't wait to see her and the rest of the Joersz family in November! Emma and the boys are heading down to Florida tomorrow to visit family. Who votes for us to go with them? It's still up in the air, but we would really like to go.

Friday, September 4, 2009

we are here.

Look at these adorable boys! We're having their friends Abel and Shea over to play today and they are very excited. We haven't written much on the blog lately- partly because we feel like we have to catch up for most of the summer that we haven't written about....and partly because we just haven't felt like it. Sorry! Everyone deserves to hear stories and see pics of the Joersz boys, just like every doggy deserved chew bones. Colton & Beckett been playing really well together lately...most of the time. I don't think we've mentioned this on the blog yet, but they share a room now and sleep in bunk beds- it's very fun and cute. Well, enjoy the pictures of the boys and check out our newly refinished dining room table and chairs too!
(Notice in the background our wonderfully organized pantry- thanks to Lacey Keigley!)