Saturday, May 24, 2008

Joersz TOP 5

5). Beckett is sooo close to crawling. I know I keep saying that, but this weekend he's been moving one knee and then falling back on his tummy. He's very determined...especially if it means coming to grab my hair!
4). Jon is home for a 4 day weekend! We're getting to spend good family time. (I especially like the walks and going to the park like we did this evening)
3). Emma and Beckett have been sick the last couple days but are finally starting to feel better. Hopefully tonight they'll get some better sleep!
2). Cole's favorite word lately is Okay. "Cole, be nice to Jenga." "Otay." "Cole, it's time for bed." "Otay." "Not right now, maybe we'll watch a movie tomorrow." "Otay."
It's really cute and he says it very seriously.
and the #1 thing in the Joersz TOP 5 is....
1). I don't know how many of you read the comments on my blog, but anonymous...aka Jon commented to Erik that there should be an Aunt Sarah soon....and yesterday, HE PROPOSED! We're so excited to welcome Sarah into our family. She's funny and just perfect for Erik. We like her a lot. Congratulation, guys!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

happy birthday!

Uncle Erik,
We want to wish you a happy birthday today! That's what the sign says, by the way. We spent a lot of time drawing on your sign and posing for this photo. It wasn't easy! Beckett wanted to show you his foot and how big it is getting. He also wanted me to include a photo of him learning to crawl. Look at him on his knees!
Well I hope that you have a fun day today. Is Sarah going to take you out to dinner? I like that place we went when we came to visit you, Chick-fil-a. You should go there. I've been talking about you a lot lately. I have a book and a puzzle with an ambulance and everytime we see it, we talk about you. We love you very much.
Colton & Beckett (& Jenga)

Friday, May 16, 2008

half a year already?

This week has gone by so fast---we've been busy I guess. Beckett had his HALF birthday this Wednesday. He's 6 months old! I feel like Jon and Emma just brought him home. Like I've said in the past few blogs, Beckett is really getting ready to crawl. He can get about 4 feet, but then gets a little tired and starts going backwards or just wants to sit up. Pretty soon he'll be all over the house and we will need to start picking up Cole's tiny toys. Beckett has been eating fruits & veggies the past two weeks. He likes his sweet potatoes, but has not been a fan of bananas or applesauce. He makes a funny face when he has eaten fruits so far. I like it when he spits out food and I get to lick it up.
Cole has had a busy week as well! We've had Cameron over a couple days this week and the boys like to play outside. Those boys go back and forth fighting over toys and then playing together. It's pretty funny to watch. So yesterday when Cameron wanted to use the potty, of course Cole wanted to use it as well. At first he didn't want any clothes off, but then he wanted his shorts off and later he wanted his shirt and diaper off! So he sat on the potty for about 5 minutes, and he went pee! Hooray for Cole!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

if you thought that was cute...

...then check out this one! Emma got a couple shots the other night and some of them look like the boys are wrestling. I'm pretty sure that wrestling in this household will be common very soon.

I had an exciting day yesterday. Emma, the boys & I were out back playing in the yard and all of a sudden, two dogs broke through the fence and started playing with me. I was a little scared at first and hid under my dog house. Cole thought it was great and started chasing them with his lawnmower. Emma brought Cole up for his nap afterwards and by the time she came back down, they had gone back into their yard next door. (Taking 2 of my toys by the way!! Don't worry, I got them back.)

Well have a good day! I'm off to bark at the garbage truck....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i want to be like you...

My boys were sooo cute tonight. Beckett is trying very hard crawl the past few days. He watches me and his older brother run around and is getting very anxious to do the same! Tonight he was getting up on his knees right before putting on pajamas. Since Emma was clapping and getting excited for him, Colton thought that it would be pretty cute to take off his clothes and do the same thing. I love my boys!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

walk the line

Here's me and Beck just hanging out--that's what we like to do. We also like to go on walks. Emma is starting to take me on longer walks this week. She says that I might behave better at home if I'm not so full of energy. I agree. These walks are good for me, the boys and for Emma. Check out Little Beckett's new sandbox hobby- shoveling sand...into his mouth. Tasty!


Well I am just getting over an ear infection and am finally able to catch up on my blog. Hot spots, surgery, ear infections...I think I'm done for now. Well this weekend my family was very busy. They went to Cameron's birthday party across the street. He's TWO just like Cole! They had a lot of fun. The boys especially loved the balloons. Friday we had Maddie and Jenny over to play. They played out back with toys and in the sandbox. I really like the new sandbox. I know I dug in it last week, but I really just want to sit in it now, and Emma won't let me. Cole even asked me to come get in it. It's just nice and cool to lay on. Oh well...I guess the grass will do- it just makes me itchy.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

yes! i'm funny!

That's right, I am funny! Somebody thinks I'm the most hilarious dog out there. That somebody is Beckett. He does laugh occasionally for Jon and Emma, quite a bit for Cole, but most of the time, his laughs are reserved just for me! I don't even really have to do anything. I could lick my rear end and he'll giggle. Haha. That's just funny that i wrote "lick my rear end." Yesterday Jon was holding Beckett and chasing me around the back yard and Beckett laughed more than he ever has before. It's nice to be appreciated by someone. Emma didn't really appreciate it when I dug in the sandbox this morning. Just trying to help--I can dig further than Cole can! Those boys and I are going to be best buds!

to nap or not to nap...

You might think this picture is a comparison of Colton and Beckett at 5 and a half months, but it isn't. Both pics are of Beckett....a before and after! Yes, we cut Beckett's hair again and I must admit, got a little carried away. It's so short! Little Beck has a runny nose today and it drooling all over the place.

I guess Cole is finally going through his testing stage. We've had almost 2 weeks of naptime & bedtime battles. We've gotten lots of advice, but nothing seems to be working so far. After 2 hours today, Emma was about to go up and get him because he had been quiet for about 10 minutes. Of course he had fallen asleep. Emma wanted to know how many calories she's burning by going up and down the stairs 50 times during the day...