Saturday, July 19, 2008

"I can't!"

I guess it's about time that I update my blog, huh? I have been so lazy the last two weeks. I tell ya, running and playing at the farm really takes it out of me!

My Joersz boys have been SO cute lately. This last week they have been playing together quite a bit each day. Cole will take out tons of toys and set them in front of Beckett, all while running around and making little Beck laugh & squeal.

Jon was out of town last Thursday-Monday for a church youth group trip to Panama City Beach, FL. (NICE! I would have loved to run around on the beach) We really missed him, but definitely got by. Oma even came down for a visit to keep us company.

Beckett is on the move---all the time. Emma says it's a little exhausting! Trust me, it's exhausting for this canine too (He loves crawling all over me!) Sometimes I go out in the backyard to relax. I have officially found my favorite chair to sit under during meals, by the way. Colton has gotten much better about not dropping food, but Beckett is quite the mess. I LOVE IT! Normally I'm sent out back at dinnertime, but breakfast and lunch are fair game.

Colton is speaking very well lately. He can say full sentences, though we can only understand the main words. "Can't" and "don't" are favorites at the moment: "Cole, do you want to go pee pee in the potty?" "No, mommy, I CAN'T." Speaking of the potty, Cole went pee pee on the potty once this last week. It's a step!

So far this weekend has been really relaxing. It's been nice spending time together as a family.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate Emma for letting me run off with the church youth. What a great servent, mother and wife she is. God has many crowns waiting for her in Heaven.

All 3 of us boys love her to death and appreciate her more then she realizes.


Oma said...

i can't tell you how sweet that is, jon :)

Lacey said...

I miss Emma - I will call you soon. Yes I will. Happy anniversary guys!