Friday, September 25, 2009

beach fun!

We traveled to Florida a couple weeks ago and of course couldn't resist a good trip to the beach. Apparently dogs weren't allowed at the part of the beach we went to, so we reluctantly stayed home with Maizey and Molly. The boys had a blast though and it surprisingly ended up being a beautiful day for beach fun! The boys got to spend a good amount of time with each uncle and of course Oma and Papa!
This bucket was used in many creative ways!
Even though it looks like Cole is pouring water on Beckett's back (which is why Beckett was laying there), the water is actually landing on the ground behind Beck. Funny.
They LOVE playing in the sand and actually spent a lot of time in the water this beach trip (before they have been a little scared of the waves...)
Having some fun in the sun with Uncle Jesse and Uncle Stin!!


Maggie Michael said...

it makes me laugh alot that beckett is just lying down there... i can't stop laughing!!!

Daddy said...

I am jealous you got to go to the beach! Glad it was fun. Next time i will have to go with you.